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Discussion in 'General Battlefield Forum' started by excalibur, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. when is fair fight going to do anything thing about these cheat?
    Ive report a player 3 times yet nothing gets done !!! using an amibot .
    he even comes on voip and tells people where to go and get it and boasts that faifight wont do anything about it...!!!
    another game ruined!! by these children and to make matter worse DICE has ruined the dedicated severs where admins can deal with them !!!
    ive been playing games since 1987 and never seen this many hacker on one game, well ive bought this and now wish I never !!! a good game wasted by dice servers and cheats .
    thought I would give dice the benefit of the doubt when they said they will control the servers , big mistake ...cant even get one in the country you live in

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