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Don't post in the wrong places.

Discussion in 'Forum Suggestions and Support' started by Leczi, Oct 20, 2016.

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  1. Envoyé de mon SM-G531F en utilisant Tapatalk
  2. The 5 trophies (PS4) & achievements (Xbox One) for ranking up the infantry classes are currently glitched. The trophy names are: Assault Enlistment, Medic Enlistment, Scout Enlistment, Support Enlistment, Decorated

    There is a high probability at least some of these won't unlock, which is a widespread problem across all platforms.
    The 4 gold trophies are supposed to unlock upon reaching rank 2, but for a lot of players they don't unlock at all. Some people have been able to unlock them later on by ranking up a few more times. Others are already rank 10 and still don't have them.
    The silver trophy for reaching rank 1 with each class is even glitchier and unlocks for very few people.

    Furthermore, there seems to be a bug in general with the online ranks. Battlelog shows a different rank than what is shown in-game. Sometimes it will jump a few ranks (e.g. it goes from rank 3 straight to rank 5. Others have jumped from rank 7 straight to rank 10).
  3. Ok guys I feel this is a fantastic idea. This game mode can be like operation or more of like rush. How do they not have a TRENCH WARFARE GAME MODE. Have one or two trenches on each team. Have an open field with some obstacles like barbed wire and mines, have like 5 horses available and maybe 2 tanks. In each trench have an A and B to capture. Additionally have artillery strikes available say every 3 minutes. Only have fighter planes available (I feel bombing would be to easy). Now imagine charging wave after wave across a field. Plane your charges with your team to surprise your enemy. This with fog and rain and even darkness with lighting flares would be out of control!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tell what you think and leave ideas. Lets make this happen!!!
  4. I am a RECRUITER for an enjoyable Gaming Community Called Outlaw Gaming Community or "OGC" for short.

    This Community was created by members who have tons of experience in Leadership and have gained knowledge of what is right and wrong in the community scene.

    You will enjoy a powerful gaming environment with tons of events, tournaments, and game nights and SOP Training!

    While upholding a fun environment for our members, we also have a side of the community where you participate in what we call a rank structure; by doing good work, you can move your way up through out Organized Community Rank Structure!

    Here's What is required to have/do:
    *A working Mic,
    *Minimum of 18 years of age.
    *Communication skills (willing to learn them)
    *NO CHEATING ( Modded controllers or anything to gain a unfair advantage)

    Bottom line nobody really likes to game alone... you will never have to do it again. I personally have made many really good friends here and would recommend it to anyone.

    Here's What We Have To Offer and Why You Should Join:
    *vBulletin Website(High Quality Forum)
    *Community teams including News, Events, Design
    *A Laid back Community with a Competitive Side for our Hardcore Gamers out there!
    *Mature and Experienced Leadership
    *A Member-Friendly and Amazing Rank Structure to move up in
    *Worldwide Gamers (You will always have someone to play with regardless of time)
    *Game Nights
    *Skilled Graphic Designers
    *Long-term friendships
    *And most of all; A powerful and enjoyable gaming environment for YOU!
    *Meeting fun and friendly people that can become friends for a lifetime
    *ALWAYS have someone to game with!
    *Organized Rank Structure
    *Training on Community Game SOP!
    *Professionally Designed and Created Website
    *User-Friendly Website
    *Game Nights
    *Fast-Pace Gaming Community through Growth
    *Active Community
    *Show off your skills to the community whether it be gaming, technology, art, etc.
    *Gaining Leadership skills
    *Having a Great environment for you to grow as a Gamer!
    *And so much more!

    Here is how to join OGC
    * Message me that you would like to join.
    * Join www.outlawgamingcommunity.com (will not get access until you are recruited by an officer)
    * Play with at least one officer ( make sure you tell the officer who sent you)
    * Be read in get access to the site

    We strive to be the best gaming community out there and that's exactly what we do with our friendly atmosphere, great events, and powerful opportunities!

  5. EVERYONE in this thread should read the Clan Rules. Have a nice day.

    Start learning them, and start following them.

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  7. Hi BF1 PS4 players,

    I encountered multiple times, I did hit headshots twice and it only registered 14 hits on both hits this only happened to opponent using lawrence of arabia costume. I hit him on the head twice, sounds like i shott a metal helmet.

    Is there special on lawrence of arabia cosutme that will minimize the damage?
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