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Looking for Members

Discussion in 'Battlefield Clans' started by RoG Cody120039, Jan 13, 2017.

  1. Hi, I'm looking for members to join the RoG Hellfire Brigade. We play BF1 of course, if your interested or have questions just message me on Xbox at RoG Cody120039. you can also go to Rogcommunity.com to apply for Hellfire. If your looking for people to game with me and my friends all always happy to even if your not in the Brigade. We do have a server as well on Xbox one, ROG Revolution of Gaming is its name. Thank you for your time.
  2. This is an update to my earlier post, there is no trial period that you need to go through. Its real easy to join. Go to Rogcommunity.com and apply for the forum, after that is done you'll get a confirmation email and then you'll be able to login onto the forum. Where you can proceed to click the "apply for Brigade" Tab towards the top and select Hellfire Brigade. Feel free to message me on Xbox one RoG Cody120039
  3. I would like to say thank you for joining RoG if you do and thank you for taking your time to read my posts as well.
  4. The RoG Hellfire Brigade is always looking for more members to join
  5. These guys are worth the join. Don't delay look at RoG today

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  6. I know, I know your thinking why do I need to join hellfire brigade, I'll tell you why. We may or may not have found the secret to life and if you join I'll tell you it. so Join Hellfire today, just message me on xbox one RoG Cody120039!!!!!!!!!
  7. I hear RoG has a bf1 game night tonight. Join today and join the event tonight

    Disclaimer: insert funny line here
  8. Still recruiting more players

    Disclaimer: insert funny line here
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  9. Our clan is growing at a rapid pace, we are always looking for more friends to play BF1 with.
  10. Still accepting apps over 30 members strong currently
  11. Are you tired of playing BF1 solo?, are those medics on ur team not doing there shit?, are u single and looking for the love of you life?. Well guys if you answered yes to two of those questions then RoG Hellfire Brigade is what you need in your life. accepting applications 24/7, even if its snowing, raining, flooding, end of the world. We are always here to welcome you in the BF1 family.
  12. Now is a good time to join with TSNP dropping tomorrow
  13. Fun comes from those you game with. Join a great group today.
  14. Am I the only one that kind of wants to join just because of the humor?
  15. We try to keep things light. If you ain't having fun it ain't worth doing.
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  16. I'm all about it. I'm bout to get on and play a few rounds if you're interested in joining.
    xbox1: JFrost KHOP
    (mic isn't hooked up tonight)
  17. Feel free to add me RoG Carbine but I'm heading to bed I have an early meeting
  18. Still accepting new members
  19. Maybe you think RoG is not for you, maybe your wrong????????? Listen we don't torture people or control the government. We are not secretly the Illuminati (Hahahahahahah). We're just a friendly group of guys looking to take control of the world one Battlefield game at a time. Everyone has an hour or two a week for some world domination, so would you rather spend that time being a productive member of society or becoming so popular that girls are chasing you every where you go. Just the Hellfire Brigade today. Message RoG Cody120039 or RoG Carbine on Xbox.
  20. Always recruiting. We don't bite. We are just a group of people having fun

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