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Looking for Members

Discussion in 'Battlefield Clans' started by RoG Cody120039, Jan 13, 2017.

  1. Still accepting apps. Why mess with the rest when you can join the best. We offer cool friends, good players, and a good time. Sure alot of other groups can offer good players but they are so uptight its no fun. Others can offer you cool players but they aren't very good. We offer you all three
  2. RoG is looking for new members to help round out our Hellfire brigade. We believe in offering a fun, laid back, exciting gaming environment. We currently have approximately 40 members so you their should always be someone around to play with. Please don't let the numbers concern you. Our guys will always be more than a number. We are part of a larger community that supports 6 different games currently and is always open to bringing new games under the banner so even if you need a break from BF1 you can find someone to play with.

    Visit www.rogcommunity.com to join.

    Some of the many benefits we offer:
    Full website
    Discord servers
    Kik Groups
    Community events
    Weekly BF1 game night
    Simple rank structure
    Brigades for multiple games.
    Bi-Weekly Brigade meetings.

    What are expectations are:
    Remain active
    Visit the forum 1 time per week (you don't even have to post just pop up and pop off)
    Be Excellent to each other

    Honestly I only post this because I believe in this community and this brigade. I was looking for a home when I came back to Xbox and after looking everywhere I found 1. What we have going on and the guys we have under our banner excites me to game again.

    RoG (Revolution of Gamers)
    Hellfire Brigade (BF1) CPT
    GT: RoG Carbine
  3. You are more than welcome to join us
  4. I would like to join I play on xb1 but only every other weekend because of sports but would like to contribute as much as others would that be an issue
  5. Join up. You can play when you can. Just log into the site 1 time every 2 weeks and your golden
  6. just message RoG Carbine or RoG Cody120039
  7. Alright I will and I'll be on bf1 and bo3 tnite

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  8. We have a BF1 game night tonight at 9pm central either of us can get you in
  9. Ok

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  10. Still accepting new members
  11. We are still accepting new members. Looking for active players who want to be part of a group and enjoy themselves
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  12. what group?
  13. Rogcommunity.com
  14. We are still looking
  15. Everyday we keep growing and growing, come have fun and dominant the Battlefield with us. message RoG Carbine or RoG Cody120039 and we'll set you up.
  16. We have a shindig or is it a hootannanny going every night

  17. Join today
  18. Still recruiting for our BF1 Brigade!!!

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