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** Tact Gaming ** Xbox One

Discussion in 'Battlefield Clans' started by AngryBubby, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. Tired of roaming Battlefield 1 solo and hoping someone was there to revive you? The team at Tact play objectives and never run alone. Must have a mic and be over 18. Casual or hardcore gamers apply. Message me on live AngryBubby for more info.
  2. Tactgaming.net to register and apply. The Tact Team
  3. **Recruiting Members**
    Access to Web
  4. Platoons are here finally
    Join Us
  5. Don't rage quit because you don't have any support. Here at Tact we are proactive never reactive.
  6. Revive/Supply/Stay alive trademarked by AngryBubby here at Tact.
  7. Looking for devoted players. Hit me up on live AngryBubby or our site Tactgaming.net
    Internet Access

    We are proactive not reactive
  8. Last time I played with randoms was before I joined TACT. Since then why would anyone want to run solo. We are Friends, We are Family, We are TACT.
  9. We are welcoming people from across the pond. Tactgaming.net
  10. Updates are here. Looking for a platoon.
    Gamertag RK AnGrYBuBbY
  11. Recruiting members
    Must pto
  12. Always looking for new talent to rip up the fields with. Read previous posts to see if you qualify.
  13. TACT the squad for you?
    Find out by joining up...
  14. Keeping a step above the competition. TACTGAMING.net
  15. Follow Orders for the good of the team? When was the last time you Pto? Players welcome to join TACT that care more about winning and capping than laying in the bushes waiting on someone to walk by. Yup
  16. Server rented by members at TACT. You can find us in the search tab. Enjoy don't forget to sign up for membership.
  17. Wonder if you can tape a flashlight to a sweeper? The night map is great by the way. Play on TACT server if it's not loaded

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