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The Bloody Klaws Recruiting on XBOX One now!

Discussion in 'Battlefield Clans' started by Bloodyklaws, May 4, 2017.

  1. Greetings and salutations!

    I put a Platoon together - The Bloody Klaws {KLAW} I am 40 years old and a long time BF vet. I prefer communication, and playing to win always. Its 420 friendly, playing at all hours currently, most games start at 7-9 PST and sometimes go all night if its a good lobby.

    I am looking for folks who know how to use the classes properly, can put up with weirdness and bong hits as we conquer all and kill all the things.

    Its an open Platoon right now, I have not filled all officer positions yet, so its first come first served! :}
  2. Hey, i would like to join. it sucks playing with people that don't play the objective and don't have their mics on. My gamer tag is MikeRoch86 add me.
  3. I would like to join my Gamertag is SacredEarth420 if you wanna reach out to me on there otherwise on here is fine as well.
  4. SE420 and MR86 have been promoted!
  5. Newest Platoon emblem updated, added new members as friends, our 'toon is growing! Join today and be remembered for all time as the greatest damn platoon in ever.
  6. "Men! Tonight we go over the top. Many will die, but all will be remembered forever. "

    Tonight I will be online in conquest, looking to get the platoon warmed up for the summer of slaughter soon to come in Russia. Anytime after 6 pm PST tonight, jump on in and let's put steel on target! - Bloodyklaws
  7. It has been a bloody and brutal weekend of advances, mortar fire and vehicular mayhem! We gained some fantastic new recruits who inspire us all to new levels of aggression and strategy.

    We are growing! Join today and have some real fun.
  8. I'm Interested! My Gamertag is ECH0 ORiGiNS. Add me
  9. Welcome! Anyone who wishes to get in on this needs to go to the main menu in BF1 and hit the left trigger. This will bring up the tab with Platoons on it. Once there, search out The Bloody Klaws and then join the platoon from that screen. {Recruitment is still open, I will close it once I have 32 or more for a full lobby.}

    Once you have done this, you will be able to put the clantag in your name under the soldier tab from the main screen.

    -Note to all- Even though I am not employed right now, sometimes I am not playing BF1 or I'm feeling anti social. Don't get butthurt if I do not join a party right away. I lost a recruit who was mad I didn't exist at his beck and call. ;{}>
  10. Poll - when would the clan like to have a clan night? I am open to input, Thanks Kockatrace for reminding me! :}
  11. On all day, join game and kill all the things!
  12. What an Epic day! 12 hours, only 3 losses! The Bloody Klaws terrorized and demoralized the enemy with some fantastic work by our medics and tankers.
    One of the new recruits went 52 and 16, not to shabby Tapeswheel. You da man.

    Folks, I had a great time with the squad. If this is how we do with just a squad of 5, imagine when we can get the whole crew together! We can be unstoppable! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!...........*ahem* sorry, got carried away.

    carry on gentlemen. :{}
  13. Also- a shout out to DAFO clan, we played a few games with them yesterday and I want to say "well played" , Also, I dig your clan style. :} YOu will know if you run into these folks as they have distinctive {and awesomely creepy} clantags.

    Well done.
  14. WASSAP. I'd like to join. I'm a good pilot by the way and mostly play operations.
    I am really good on foot also but not really on tank. so please message o17s.
    I always wanted a good squad but a good team sounds so wonderful xD
    I am 17 btw mhm
  15. Just joined Klaw. I'm 31 years old. Make. 420 friendly. Run support.
  16. Male*
  18. Hello! I'm JayK3D, a West Coast player. I run pretty much any class, an all around guy. I enjoy playing the objective and winnning, thank you very much. I would love to join a 420 clan such as yourself.
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