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Which Battlefield game is your favorite?

Discussion in 'General Battlefield Forum' started by john123, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. What's your all time favorite Battlefield game? Mine personally is Battlefield: Bad Company. I remember that's the first (and only) Battlefield game I ever played. I played with some friends for a few hours on a PS3. What's your favorite? Why is that specific Battlefield game your favorite?
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  2. Battlefield Four is probably my favorite, although, that might change depending on how much I like Hardline! The graphics are pretty amazing, and I'm also a big fan of the setting they chose for it. :)

    Did you know they have a version of Bad Company for mobile?
  3. Battlefield 3 is probably my favourite because I was super stoked for that game and played it so much upon release. My interest in shooters declined a bit when BF4 was released so I didn't have the same experience, still a very good game though. I hope BF5 makes this already great franchise better!
  4. I personally liked Battlefield 4 the most both graphically and the maps.

    The only issue I have is the performance the performance can be a bit rough with Battlefield 4 than 3. I am not sure what caused it to change so much, but hopefully it changes overtime and they optimize 4 a bit more in the near future.
  5. I like Battlefield 4 because it has pretty good graphics. Really, I like a game because of it's good graphics and game play. Battlefield 4 has both good graphics and game play experience.
  6. For me, game play matters much more than graphics. Battlefield 4 had amazing graphics and Battlefield 3 cannot hold a candle to Battlefield 4 in terms of graphics, but I enjoyed playing Battlefield 3 much more. The game play was better in Battlefield 3 and I was addicted to it. Battlefield 4 didn't make feel anything like that, although it is still a decent game.
  7. Bad Company 2 then Battlefield 2142, 2142 had the best commander/squadplay available and I have no idea why, but I could play BC2 and hold my own unlike the other titles. BF3 and 4 were too much like CoD.

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